Why we don’t do Skorts

Did you spot this article in the The Telegraph on Friday  – Where in London can I buy ladies’ safari skorts?
A big thank you to Priscilla Pollara for the mention of the three Rohan Shops in London but we don’t sell Skorts.
There is a strange, obscure, hybrid garment which tends to be called Skorts…
It’s a pair of shorts with a skirt panel on top – usually in front
We have had the occasional enquiry over the years asking if Rohan make these
Our answer is Why Would We?
Rohan is all about genuinely practical, better clothing – and we try to make it good looking too…
We can’t really fathom out the genuine benefits of these
If you’d like shorts wear shorts…
If you’d like to wear a skirt – or you think that it would be more culturally appropriate in your travels to wear one – then wear a skirt!
Skorts offer the worst of both worlds, we think: a pair of shorts with an unnecessary (and warm) extra panel on them, or a skirt which still presents mainly as shorts – especially from the back view…
Nice to get a mention in the article though. Just please don’t be disappointed if you were after a pair of Skorts to find that actually we don’t do ’em.
Still, what do you think?
Is there a genuine reason that we’re missing why Skorts are a good idea?
Have you worn them and liked them?
Let us know…
Rohan Heritage

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