Bring Back the Poncho!

We’ve thought for a while that the poncho was a much maligned and overlooked garment. Apart from its starring role as one of the BBC1 idents (rainbow coloured cyclists riding round in circles) you hardly see them much nowadays.

Just consider the benefits:
Complete cover and shelter all in one.
Perfect for high humidity and hot but very wet climates.
Easy to don and doff and easy to wear.
Wearing one you feel sheltered from the weather rather than IN the weather, as you do wearing a jacket.

Rohan Canopy Cape

Our Canopy Capes for this year are built from an amazing fabric we derived from flysheets on mountain-proof tents. Soaked in silicone they permanently shrug off downpours while still being light, robust and very packable. Indeed they stow away into their front pockets. Unlike traditional designs Canopies have a full cover sleeve design, so if you’re out and about your forearms don’t slowly but surely get wet. And they can even be used as an improvised shelter or basha if you’re that way inclined…

Seems like other are starting to agree with us. See The Telegraph article below.
Nice stuff, though not as tech nor as protective as ours by the looks of it ahem.
They look great though and it’s nice to see both a UK start up company doing something well and that a few other, very perceptive folk seem to agree with us! THE PONCHO RETURNS…

The Telegraph Men in Capes by Gareth Wyn Davies meets a caped crusader busily peddling ponchos for men…


Tim Jasper – Rohan 



Rohan Heritage

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