New Originals at Keswick

Rohan Keswick is the home of the Rohan Originals Collection.

A gallery of Rohan Heritage Garments from the 1970′s displayed in the shop. Garments such as Olfio, Sohio, Hyde, Jekyll, Pampas, Striders, Knickers, Pacers, Super Striders, Nemises, Salopettes, Taiga, Tundra and lots more are  all part of the Rohan Keswick Rohan Originals Collection

Ben told Rohantime that he has just updated the collection. The photos in the gallery below contain images of the new updates.
Please click on the image to see the photo of the new Rohan Original.

Highlights from the new collection

The original Jekyll and Hyde have to be worth a visit - A Schizophrenic Body Wear System for Rohan

Rohan Pampas  a Rohanist favourite, Ben has a 1980 Pampas on display – Pampas Stories

Nemises has found its way into the collection from 1981,  a great example of how the stretch wear developed

Knickers produced from 1980 – 1982. These had their first big test on Christ Townsends epic Pacific Crest Trail trip 1982

Bags of Many Colours. Rohan Bags have been in continual production for over 30 years.  The Rohan Originals collection includes many of the early colours that included pink, yellow, white and many shades of blue. Bags of Colour in Rohan Keswick

Next time you are in The Lakes call in and see the Rohan Original Collection and please share your thoughts with us all below.

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