Ode to Summer 2012


2012, what a summer!
Record rainfall, what a bummer.
But we don’t let it get us down
Diamond Jubilee, what support for the Crown.
Euro 2012, the usual anguish and pain,
unless of course you come from Spain.
Wimbledon fortnight, come on Andy,
a mens singles champ would be just dandy.
A Brit to win the Tour de France!
Come on Bradley you’ve got a real chance.
Next comes the London Olympics to enjoy,
it’s all too much, boy oh boy.
And now an event to top the lot,
The ROHAN SALE, just red hot.
Fantastic bargains for you to buy,
and it starts 9.00 AM 5TH JULY.


The Bard at Rohan

Steve@Rohan Norwich



Rohan Heritage

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