Trans Am Rally Kit List

1967 MGBGT Trans Am photo Terry & Sheila Wright

Earlier in the year Terry & Sheila Wright called into Rohan Stow-on-the-Wold to get the clothing and luggage they needed for their upcoming entry with their trusty 1967 MGBGT in the Trans-Am Rally 2012.  Read more on the preparations for the rally

They are now back and this is the story…

The Trans Am Rally has now finished and it was a truly fascinating trip.

We drove from the East to West of the USA and into Canada, sadly we had to ship the car back from Vancouver as we had a serious mechanical breakdown, so we did not get as far as Alaska which was a shame, but, we had very little choice.,

I must say  the Outer Flame Jackets were very welcome when we broke down, as we had gone from the 100 degree heat of Arizona to freezing cold and snow up in the Mountains of Montana!

Talking of clothes. I cannot praise the Trailblazer trousers enough. They were washed in the evening and were dry the following day. No need for ironing. They were practical but remained smart, (when they weren’t covered in red dust!).
The stretch in them made them comfortable for long days sitting in the car, yet, they did not get that unsightly bagging, which I have found in some utility trousers. The zipped leg pockets are very practical in themselves. The pockets are deep enough to carry all the daily essentials I needed, camera, money, car documents, etc. zip them up so they were secure, and most important.
I was able to sit in the passenger seat, and not be encumbered by bulging waist pockets. When the pockets are emptied, they return to the original shape and are fairly discreet.

Overall great clothing, and we really did take only the clothing that I showed you in my picture below, and we did not buy anything more.

Trans-Am Rally Kit List – What to Pack

Pack Cell 20, which took the Outer Flame Jacket, 1 pair of Trailblazer trousers, 2 Stowaway tops +4 base layers and underwear, Everything went in the pack, and with a bit of room to spare! That is pretty much all we’ll be taking (each) to last the whole month, but at least I know we can wash then through and have clean clothes each day and look presentable, nothing needed ironing. So very impressed, the pack size was 17 inches long and total weight was 2.5 Kilo’s

Terry & Sheila Wright 

Trans Am Kit List photo Terry & Sheila Wright 2012

Trans Am 2012 Terry & Sheila Wright

Rohan Heritage

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