Well what a weekend!

Rohan York at CTC rally York Race Course

Lycra Everywhere!

The annual CTC rally at York Race Course. We were not sure what to expect from this event yes we had a cycling range to compete with the big boys and yes historically the cycling community have understood the Rohan brand but this weekend wasn’t just about making money on the day. We had a fantastic opportunity to market ourselves to an audience 12 years on from the last time we attended this rally. Gary laments ‘ I remember the last time did this show, the trade tent was ram packed with people in lycra. Lycra Everywhere! It’s a sight to behold. Oh and how can I forget the excruciating heat within the tent. LET’S DO IT!’

Dylan's bike Twelve years on and the Cycling community certainly has changed, not anywhere near as much Lycra. It was much quieter than yesteryear although this could’ve been down to the extraordinary weather for June. Incredibly powerful storms sending trade tents flying through the air like UFO’s, tractors pulling motorhomes out of the mud thankfully OLFIO did us proud. I firmly believe that the overall attendances would’ve been much higher but for this inconsiderate June weather.

That said we had a great few days. Briefing the team was easy ‘let’s enjoy ourselves’. Simple really, enthusiasm for the brand will deliver success and it did. We recruited many new faces, some who knew of us but not that we did a specific Cycling range, some had never heard of us before and were intrigued (yes they got a catalogue).

Rohan Customers at Rohan York Stand CTC Rally York Race Course

We took some photos of the other traders stalls and it has to be said the work that Andy Manning and Chris Starmer put in creating the graphic to fit the space worked wonderfully. It really did create a statement of intent, thanks guys.

So what did we learn from this; well firstly, bring along some carrier bags – it helps. Also, make sure you are on the highest ground (difficult for York I know), luckily for us we were ok, but for some it was a washout.

Finally a great big thank you goes to John Nurse who like any great Area Manager should be, was supportive throughout. He really did help to make the whole event a real success.

Gary and the Rohan York Team


Rohan Heritage

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