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Rohan Olfio


“For those of you who have never owned a Rohan Olfio jacket, let me enlighten you. When I was a teenager I wanted a set of clothes I could travel anywhere with. I saved up and bought an Olfio Jacket and a matching pair of light blue bags. Little did I know that I would end up skiing in them in Colorado (layered up a bit with some thermals underneath) sleeping in them in the Atlas mountains in Morocco and canoeing in the same kit in northern Maine on the Allagash waterway. Why was this such a great combination? The weight was good. Not too heavy, so in hot climates, just right to put on at night. The sealed cuffs were excellent (elasticated to stop midges getting in) and a draw string waist meant you could wear it tucked up or hanging loose. Feeling a bit hot? You could open up side bellows to allow more movement of air around the body. Still too hot? Open up the v neck down to chest level and you had great freedom of movement.

Very fast drying, quite shower proof, it was the ultimate lightweight jacket. A single large pocket across the front was ideal for stowing bits and bobs in or warming your hands in if you wanted to. With matching Rohan bags it passed muster as a ski suit. With the bags tucked into socks, it was practically total body protection against “no see ‘ums” and mosquitoes when canoeing in places filled with bugs.

I am so disappointed that we cannot persuade Rohan to reproduce this garment. I am sure it would sell well. Please help me! If you have one (I am a medium size) I will happily buy it from you. Mine lasted around 15 plus years and I loved it. Eventually there were too many holes in it and it had to go, but it is a great loss. Does anyone else out there remember this jacket? What must we do to persuade Rohan to bring it back? I am a medium size in case you ask. I now live and work in Malawi and would use it here even”.

A message from Malawiman on the Rohantime Forum

olfiolfio 1985

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  1. Andy Hayes says:

    The Rohan Olfio is one of the best Rohan garments ever. As with all the Paul and Sarah Howcroft designed garments I own, the mix of fabrics and design is about as perfect as you can get.

    Out of the dozens of Rohan garments I have owned since 1984, the Olfio and matching Hot Bags are the two that still get worn most. The Olfio is not only great for outdoors use, but is excellent for general use around the house in the winter. I even used to wear my Rohan Olfio to the office!

    It is supremely comfortable, much more so than fleece. My original Olfio from 1988 ended up being worn by my girlfriend so much that I let her keep it. Then I missed it so much I had to get another! I now have two. Try an eBay UK saved search for Olfio and “Rohan technological warmwear” (use quotation marks) to get notified when one is listed.

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