Walk to Work Week – Eight reasons to consider the Envoy

Rohan Envoy Jacket

Walk to Work Week. 

Eight reasons to consider the Rohan Envoy

Looking smart after a walk to work  is not easy. Looking professional when you arrive, if you have not got time to change, is what really counts.

We’ve been working hand-in-hand with our highly skilled pattern cutter in Portugal to produce a contemporary classic fit that’s right up to date now – but will still look great in five years’ time. The jacket is an understated British two-button design with four-button working cuffs and twin back vents with concealed buttons. Which means you could commute to work on your bike – without your jacket getting in the way.

With the Rohan Envoy Jacket and Rohan Enyoy Trousers walking to work just got easier. Take a look at the technical specification

Rohan Envoy Suit

News: Andy Chaffer has completed the Leeds Jane Tomlinson Half-Marathon in the Rohan Envoy Suit and Rohan Worldview Shirt. Read more

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