Rohan Children


“I too have been a fan and wearer of Rohan for over 30 years and still have most of the garments I have bought, including an Olfio and a Wild Vest with poppers. I haven’t seen anyone mention the children’s clothes though. My son could wear out clothes in no time, so I bought him a Rohan outfit. It was called Mille Miglia, which was the problem. The other children had no idea it was the name of an endurance road race and started calling him Milly which put him off wearing it somewhat! However it was hard wearing, but I no longer have it – it would be one for the Rohan museum if I did”.

Lesley Griffin

Lesley’s great photo shows the Mille Miglia 917 quilted over the head top and 911 matching quilted pants. Now where have I heard those names before…

Rohan Heritage

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