Rohan Ether Windshirt 155g Review

Rohan Ether

Rohan Ether Windshirt – Weight: 155g 

Rohan have had a long tradition in Windshirt development. It’s great to see Ether has been so well received.

Long live the windshirt a very underrated outdoor garment – how often can you say that?

Rohan Ether Windshirt by Rock and Fell

One of the common problems I come across at this time of year is temperature control, particularly if the weather is like it has been of late with wind and rain being the dominant features. Humidity is the villain of the peace in these conditions and wearing the right effective clothing is the difference between a nice walk and a day akin to pacing up and down in a sauna. I have always found it difficult to regulate my body temperature out in the hills if I need to wear rain gear as well. Worse is that in between weather that means either constantly putting on and then removing layers to cope with periods of wind, rain, sun and heat caused by my own walking. Read More

A big thank you to Rock and Fell

Some of the reviews and comments are gathered together on this post When’s Good for a Windshirt? thanks to everyone who added comments they are all really appreciated.

Read more about the Rohan Ether Windshirt – Ultra-lightweight shirt for travel, outdoor and everyday.


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