60 Miles on a New Saddle?

Brooks B17


L2B Update – How did it all go…

how was the new saddle?

Well we all made it and a good time was had by (almost) all. The event has grown so much that the sheer pressure of numbers meant for very slow going for the first few hours as we cleared London and tackled the first few hills and road junctions. This was offset by the continually inspiring sight of a constant and colourful stream of cyclists of all creeds and styles pushing through the scenic route on a classic sunny English day. Over 27000 of us all together.

And the amazing, spontaneous applause, soakings by water pistols and offers of free snacks from the local residents along the way gave the day a real sense of an inclusive event. As well as being a major fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation.

Some of the hardest ways to do the ride? Two on a BMX, one standing, one pedalling. Dressed as a parrot (hot!). Riding vintage Choppers (I so wanted one of them when I was a kid)…

Oh, and it is 56 miles or so, not 60. (Do proper cyclists always round up the mileage…?)

 And, finally, how was the new saddle? Fine thanks. Like a dream. Thank you Mr John Boultbee Brooks…

Tim Jasper


60 Miles on a New Saddle? 

A group of us from Rohan are riding the London to Brighton bicycle ride this weekend, having a nice day out and hoping to raise a bit of cash for the British Heart Foundation.

Bit of a long-standing tradition – I can remember first doing it, oh 20-odd years ago with some guys from Rohan. And the current generation of Rohan cyclists will be having another go on Sunday. Most of them did it last year so they know what to expect.

We’ve all been studying the weather anxiously (don’t know why we’re worried because we’ve got Rohan waterproofs…) and so far it’s looking fair.

We are being ferried down to the start and (hopefully) collected from the finish by John and Jackie from the warehouse – thanks guys!

A nice thing at Rohan is that if any of our staff raise money for their chosen charities the business will double it. Every little helps.

But mainly we’ll all be sharing in the amazing atmosphere of the event, queuing up at the first few hills (there’s a lot of people on the road) and eventually savouring that exhilarating swoop down to the coast once the beast of Ditchling Beacon is slain.

Anyway, in anticipation of the event I thought I’d get a new saddle… Sounds a bit rash. Hopefully not road rash. But I feel reasonably confident because it’s another Brooks B17 . I put one on my fixie and the ride is amazing. I can’t believe it took me till my 50’s to discover that all the old stories about the brilliance of these fine pieces of British craftsmanship are actually true. But with one important rider (sorry) – you have to find the model design that is right for your own individual backside.

Tim Jasper

L2B Rohan 1987

Rohan 1st London to Brighton 1987 Customers & Staff. On a variety of bikes including Moulton and Swallow. Clapham Common ready to depart. Photo taken from TQQ Milestone edition 1987 and it wasn’t good then!

Rohan Heritage

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