Charity Walk Kit List and Top Tips

Clarendon Way Kit List

In preparation for walking the 26mile Clarendon Way in a day, we here at Rohan Winchester & Winchester Walks have teamed up to produce a definitive kit list for the event to ensure we are ready for anything the trail throws at us.

1. Elite Jacket: If the weather is as unpredictable as it was last year you’ll want a waterproof with a high level of breathability to keep you cool whilst at the same time being light enough that if you don’t use it you’re not carrying a weight penalty.

2. Microgrid: Lighter than a micro-fleece and warmer too. Ideal for taking the chill off on rest stops.

3. Basis Tee: Looks and feels like cotton but with a high UPF it keeps the sun off and wicks away moisture to keep you cool and sweat free.

4. Trailblazer Convertibles: Four way stretch, über comfortable, light-weight trekking trousers with plenty of pockets. High water resistance should the clouds gather but can be zipped off into shorts if we are blessed again by the sun.

5. Ultra Silver Trunks: Why wear wicking base layers then throw on ordinary cotton boxers? These do everything a base layer does to keep you as comfortable as possible.

6. Dharam/Kudi: You can use boots if you want extra ankle support but a trail shoe is more than adequate for the Clarendon Way with the advantage of less weight on your feet. Both shoes have breathable water-proof membranes to keep your feet dry whilst still allowing ventilation and with an essential aggressive grip.

7. Hot and Temperate socks: Thin socks with added padding on the toes and heel for walking comfort. Made from a mix of merino wool and synthetic fibres you get the perfect combination of high wicking and longevity.

8. Stravaig 18: A well balanced pack which is just the right size to carry everything you’ll need for a days walk. Well thought out stretch pockets make everything easy to grab on the move.

9. Escaper Cap: Keeps the sun off your head and rain out of your eyes but folds to fit in your pocket.

10. Buff: Is it a hat? Is it a scarf? No, it’s a Buff! Unbelievably useful tube of material, mop the sweat from your brow, pop it round your neck for warmth or wet it to keep you cool, a must have item.

11. Lunch & Snacks: You’ll want something light that won’t take much digesting but packed with energy. My personal favourites are jelly babies, chorizo and cheese crackers and bananas.

12. Sun-tan Lotion: Self explanatory.

13. Water: There are plenty of water stops laid on but you will want to carry your own as you go. I’d recommend a hydration bladder as the tube makes these easy to drink from on the move without the faff of getting a bottle out and breaking your stride.

14. Small First Aid Kit: Paramedics are on hand for major emergencies but you may want blister plasters, paracetamol and duck tape to keep you going.

15. Ether Pole/s: Whether you prefer one or two these will help take the weight off your legs and knees to keep you more comfortable for 26 miles.

Top Tips:

The key is to be comfortable, anyone can do this and struggle, the key is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. The choice of the right kit to suit the conditions will seriously help. Matt

Wear two pairs of socks to avoid blister, a thin liner and thick outer works best.

Drink a little often! Don’t rely solely on water stops, if you’re feeling thirsty you are already de-hydrated.

Take snacks, little shots of energy will help boost you along.

Eat pasta the night before to load up on carbs, your body will need it.

Do some warm up stretches before and after to keep your muscles loose and avoid post walk stiffness.

Lastly, have fun! It’s a challenge but if you enjoy it the hours will drift by.

Good luck to everyone taking part. If you want any help or advice feel free to drop into 24 the Square for a chat. Or on the day look out for myself and Amy who will be wearing Winchester Walks t-shirts, I can even take you through some warm up stretches if you like.

Matt Horsfield Assistant Manager Rohan Winchester & Head Guide Winchester Walks

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