Hurtling downhill with Rohan

Downhill all the way Craig, Keith, Graeme, Duncan & Iain

The hottest weekend of the year so far and five of us meet up at Glentress – Innerleithen nr Peebles in the Scottish Borders, on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend hurtling downhill in excess of 20mph, occasionally leaving the ground (on purpose), on a dusty, stoney, rooty singletrack, what could be better? Not much really!

We rode the Red route on the Friday evening as a warm up, my tree hugging on the Magic Mushroom run leaves me grazed, but not fazed, what to do Saturday, might as well do it again then.

So on Saturday, we are tackling the Red Run at Glentress, twice, around 18km and built between 1998 – 2000 and tweaked and updated ever since, the Red is a classic trail that has everything: big climbs, fast flowing descents, jumps and berms in abundance, elevated timber trail, roots and rocks, time for some looning around. I know its going to be hot this weekend so I’ve forgone the test of the new Windrider Jacket from the Rider range, instead I’m in my trusty Salomon Pro Dirt shorts, with a Rider Bumper Liner, The new Rider Cadence Polo, Rohan Monte Rosa Sunglasses, and Rohan Buff. The headcam is by Go Pro, the rucksack Haglofs, body armour Six Six One, shoes by Five Ten, sweeties by Haribo, banana by Fyffes, helmet by Bell and water, plenty of it from the tap.

We start just after 9.30am and hoon round the red and are back in for lunch at 12ish, only Keith hits the deck big time (he’ll live), obviously riding with a pack has left me with a wet sweaty back, but the Rohan Cadence Polo is dry within 8 mins, and due to UV protection is stopping me from burning, it’s now around 28C. We head back out just after 1.30pm and do the red again finishing around 4.30ish.

Hot, tired and sweaty, it’s beer and BBQ o’clock, nice to be sitting out wearing the Cadence Polo after riding and not smelling, due the Anti Odour silver in the garment. It’s washed and dry 2hours later. In the meantime I resort to my short sleeved Rohan Pacific shirt, and a pair of Rohan Trailblazers, both great in these hot conditions.

The following day with the Tweedlove Bike Festival kicking off for 10 days , and space a premium, we took our leave of our base at Innerleithen,  we were staying at the bunkhouse, well worth a look, biker heaven, and headed North to the Carron Valley Trails just outside of Stirling, we are so blessed with trails in Scotland. I donned the Cadence Polo, Bumper liner, shades and Buff etc and we looned round the 10.5km trail a couple of times before going our separate ways. Always great to catch up with Craig, Keith, Graeme, and Duncan. Graeme flew in from Ireland, picked a nice weekend for it.

An excellent weekend with around 80km of riding done. The Rohan Cadence Polo, I loved, it wicked moisture well, and kept the sun and smell at bay, it dried quickly and the stretch made it comfortable to wear all day. The Rohan Bumper liner stayed mainly in place and did its job well, (hint: get some Ultra Silver Trunks), and the Rohan Buff under my helmet mopped up the sweat and kept the sun off the back of my neck. The Monte Rosa sunglasses were superb, coping well, even with the changing light conditions from open ground to under the tree canopy, definition was excellent and I would highly recommend them, as I would all the Rohan Rider range I wore.

Now, how to tell the wife I need to go away to test the Windrider Jacket, Golspie I think ……..

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