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rohan originals

“a fine pair of Rohan Originals…

This photo was taken at a recent Rohan Gathering in Skipton, attended by the Rohan Shop managers. Many will know the man on the left is Colin Fisher our Chairman, the man on the right is our new Managing Director Roger Cann.

Roger was just about to address the assembled gathering, when he disappeared behind a screen and reappeared bedecked in Rohan Heritage. Fantastic!

What is Roger wearing?

It’s a true Rohan heritage garment, part of the Rohan Originals collection at Rohan Keswick.

1pieceThere have been a number of great posts on Rohantime about the Rohan Originals collection at Rohan Keswick. Ben (owner of Rohan Keswick) and his team have been collecting some great examples of early Rohan garments.

The Rohan One Piece was made in Leeds in 1987 from Rohan Airlight fabric. Not destined for heavy duty, more lightweight use over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Full length front zip, bellows shoulders, perspiration absorbing back panel and pockets everywhere. On the chest, the legs, the arms and even slots to go through to Rohan Bags or Rohan Shorts underneath. They had to be Rohan Bags and Shorts because the pockets were perfectly aligned. The suit was marketed for a wide range of activities,  flying and gliding in particular.
This was a limited edition garment one production run retailing at £69.00 in 1987.
The One Piece or Jump was described in the 1987 TQQ Milestone edition as ‘not so much a work suit more a work of art’. That was going a bit far but the garment did illustrate the potential development of Rohan Clothing into new and exciting activities.
The general shape and spirit of this garment went on to be developed into the retro racing overalls designed by Paul Howcroft  in the late 1980’s and still in use today in historic car rallies and races all over the world.

Ben has shared with us how he came by this latest Rohan Original

” This one piece was given to me, amongst other Rohan items, by good customer of Rohan Keswick called Pauline Ridges. I was delighted to see one again after 22 years. I remember selling them in 1987 in our first Rohan shop in Windermere. I actually owned one-for about 30 minutes until Joy accidentally sold it, well that’s what she told me-I will never know if she was just desperate for the sale!

One piece is a very rare find indeed. Next time you are in Keswick call in and see the latest Rohan Original and the other great examples of early Rohan garments.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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