A big thank you to everyone!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our request for a strap line for Rohantime.  Below is a selection of your replies.  Scroll through them, some will raise a smile. Comments on any, preferably not your own, would be appreciated.

Steve Sordy says:
Rohan: Function with style
You can read it two ways, with Function as a noun or a verb

Nic says:
Rohantime – wearing well

Bob Burns says:
Rohantime the time of your life

Paul Robertson says:
When you need to be ready- you just don’t know what for yet.

Mike W says:
Rohantime – Anytime Any Wear Clothing.

Tony says:
Rohan – How clothes should be made.

Jerryh says:
Rohantime – the community that loves your clothes as much as you do

Ian W G says:
Rohantime – like the clothes, it’s about the outside, designed from the inside

Nic says:
Rohantime – Worldy wear

Sarah says:
Make time for you with Rohantime
Playtime with Rohan
Time for you with Rohantime
Need time away? You need Rohantime
For all your adventures look to Rohantime
Taking the time you need at Rohan
You on the best day with Rohantime
Take your time with Rohantime
Making time with Rohantime

Sarah says:
Rohan – for clothes that won’t wear out before you do
Active life, active clothes
Need to go that extra mile – try Rohan on for size
Travel right, travel Rohan
Shop smart, travel light, buy Rohan

david pilkington says:
Feel good in Rohan

John Emslie says:
This is addictive!
Let’s go all the way – Rohan
Never stand still – Rohan
Rohan – Out there
Travel light, travel right – Rohan (Apologies if that’s an existing Rohan phrase)
Get an all over fan – Rohan
World wide weave – Rohan
World Wide Wear – Rohan
Light of my life – Rohan
No weighting – Rohan
Access baggage – Rohan

John Emslie says:
Rohan – With you all the way
The journey is more important than the destination – Rohan
One way? All the way – Rohan
Rohan – Fresh air
Wear it out – Rohan
Adventure capitalist – Rohan
Go your own way – Rohan

John Emslie says:
Rohan’ed in hand across the world
Take an experienced traveller – Rohan
Rohan – The most reliable travel companion
Rohan – Passport to the world
Go away!- Rohan
Rohan – Goes all the way
Going that extra mile? – Rohan
All over – Rohan

julie brix says:
Rohan, fit for purpose and fits me

Bob Burns says:
Make your spare time, Rohantime.

Brian Mac says:
Rohan for everytime.

Bob Burns says:
Make your spare time rohantime

max quarterman says:
comfortable perfection

jan w says:
Wear Rohan be ready for anything

C J Payne says:
Time for adventure? It must be Rohantime!

C J Payne says:
Rohantime the lifetime adventure and the lifetime clothing

David Steadman says:
Comfortable practability

Phil Clothier says:
Wear Rohan, live life.

Steve Ruane says:
Looks as good coming back as you do going out

Ken says:
Rohan – the best for the best

Neil Cairns says:
Rohan – A statement of Who I am, What I do, Where I go.

Ray Portman says:
What offers quality,protection and comfort? It must be a Rohan!

Dai says:
Clothing for Life!

David Ansbro says:
Rohan= comfort, quality,value for money and peace of mind

graham says:
It performs, you take the credit
Rohan… excel quietly

Kathryn C says:
Time to be.
Don’t think – just Do.
Why Rohantime? Because life is too short to put up with second best.

David Mortlock says:
Working or playing, anytime is Rohantime!
Unpretentious functionality.

Bill Caldwell says:
Rohan – get into top gear, and go.

David McEvoy says:
It’s all you need – for travel, for adventure, for life

Mike Shearing says:
Remain hot (anagram)

julie d says:
Get out there

Ian SH says:
Get your gear for the next decade today

paul G says:
Rohan : all it needs is your go-can

paul renn says:
It will do if you dare to

Bob Elis says:
Its Rohantime again Go further, go lighter, see more have BAGS more fun

John Oliver says:
With Rohan – You Really Can!

Julian says:
Rohan – Won’t cost the earth
Real clothes for real people
The right clothes for the wrong weather
For who you wish to be
The right stuff
Ethical, compact, durable, comfortable, and beautiful
Ideal for practical Hobbits
Proper stuff for any weather
Outlasts the rest

Chris says:
Rohan – a legend in the making
or… (in tribute to the iconic Bags)
Rohan – Lord of the D-Rings!

Sue says:
How about: Any time is Rohantime, anywhere is Rohanwear?

Pete says:
Clothing that works like it says it will.

Andy says:
Look good, feel good – Rohan for adventure and travel

David says:
Rohan…let the adventure begin

Nic says:
How about
Rohantime : On The Line
or something along those lines ( drying fast / fast on line / etc etc )

ian says:
Rohan over Beethoven – dig them mountains and hills

odd job says:
Rohantime – let’s your fingers do the talking

Poacher R.Anglian says:
To boldly go where Rohan has gone before

Poacher R.Anglian says:
Reliable, Operational, Hardwearing, Adaptable, No nonsense.
Timeless, Ingenious, Motivational, Escape wear

OutdoorJon says:
Rohantime  – entertainment and engagement which creates participation

OutdoorJon says:
Rohantime – Talk Rohan

Nige Whitaker says:
Rohantime – Make every second memorable

Colin says:
Sorry, me again, clearly a bit of time on my hands!

As Rohan uses the term Forum – a place of public discussion and debate
especially in Rome – then one could easily move from being a Roman citizen to a
Rohan citizen. We could then all become part of the Holy Rohan Empire! God,
this is terrible. Sorry I mentioned it!

“Address the Forum as a Rohan citizen!” “Friends, Rohans, Citizens, send me
your gear!” This gets worse. Strapline could be “We’re only here for the gear!”
Gottle of geer – oh never mind.

Yours in sorrow,

Colin Champion says:
The Rohan Empire – we’re only here for the gear!

Chris B says:
Rohantime – and open up the world

Keith Brown says:
Rohantime – your any-time, any-place anywear forum

Nige Whitaker says:
Might be a bit long, but…
You might never go where I have been,
You might never see what I have seen.
What I have done, you might never do,
So come with me, and let me show you

Kim Parkinson says:
Rohantime… Specificity, Delight, Contentment

Tasha says:
Rohantime, for those you enjoy living to the max and share the moment!

Barpar says:
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

Derek Findlay says:
Rohantime…yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Alan Ward says:
Rohantime – reflect, and then travel…
Rohantime – we’ll help you to achieve your dreams…
Rohantime – share your dreams to inspire others…

Martin says:
Rohantime – the virtual community for outdoor enthusiasts

Barpar says:
Rohantime, past, present and future. Rohantime, onwards and upwards

Stuart Basilhead says:
Travel technicians
We worry about your clothing so you don’t have to
Clothes for people who travel
Technical clothes
Off the peg

Ernie Woodhall says:
Rohantime It’s your time, spend it wisely

Strider says:
Rohantime: See the World, Your Way

JohnR says:
My favourite strapline of all time belongs to a well know confectionary company
and could equally apply to Rohantime is Work, Rest and Play

Tim Jasper says:
The Rohan community website for all walks of life
The Rohan community site for all lovers of the outdoors

Cirque says:
Does it actually need a strapline? Isn’t this just another load of media
marketing hype it’s self evident what Rohantime is all about, anyway for what
its worth Rohantime enjoy the moment

Barpar says:
A place to leave your footprints on the sands of time

Ranners says:
Great to see you asking us I will try and come up with something makes a change
from the crossword

Joco says:
To have the world in the palm of your hand use Rohan every time, nominations for
poet laurette please

Lynne says:
I have always liked the universal slogan ‘because your worth it’ but I guess
they would not like that
Community Conversation and I am trying to think of another C could it be

Nick Parr says:
How about something like this
Rohan Past, Present and Future

Rohan Heritage

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