Rohan Perth in Malawi

Rohan Perth customer tells us about her trip to Malawi and how her Rohan clothes came in handy.

Ann is a doctor and she travelled out to Malawi to teach about skin rashes to medics and medical students.

Rohan in Malawi pathology slide

Behind her is a pathology slide showing one of the skin rashes caused by drugs used to treat HIV, a big problem in Malawi. She is wearing a Worldview Shirt (in China Blue) and Linen Plus Trousers (in Chambray Blue). The clothes were cool in the heat, didn’t crease in the suitcase, and looked professional for teaching. But things didn’t go that smoothly at the start…

There was a problem with the luggage which arrived 5 days late. Luckily, Ann was wearing her Crossover Trousers (in Moorland) so they were still smart enough for teaching and working on the ward and she was able to wash them overnight and they were ready to wear the next day with no ironing required. In fact, she ended up wearing them for six days in a row as they went on safari the sixth day, their day off. So despite having the luxury of new trousers to change into, the Crossovers were the most suitable for a bush walk.

Rohan in Malawi Ann Helen John the ranger and Neil

Ann is pictured with her colleagues Neil and Helen and John the ranger. Neil’s trousers are also Rohan which he bought at least 10 years ago, and still wearing well! John is holding a rifle just in case they get charged by elephants. But in the 10 years he’s been working, John has never had to use it, as his wise approach is always to keep downwind.

Ann’s husband has been a Rohanist for years but this is the first time Ann has tried the brand. She is so impressed that she is going to be wearing the linen outfit to work on the wards back home, because the clothes are so easy to wash and she can’t stand ironing!

Have you any exciting travel stories? We’re keen to find out how your Rohan purchases have helped (even in bonny Scotland)!
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