Rohan Jekyll and Hyde – The First Rohan Windshirt System


A Schizophrenic Body Wear System from Rohan

The windshirt underpinned the very early lightweight, windproof upper body clothing system that Rohan pioneered. The very first windshirt Rohan Hyde had many reincarnations over it’s short life 1980 -1984.

A windshirt was a very simple concept. Put a windproof shell over what is now referred to as your base layer, and you will achieve a very high degree of protection and warmth that far outstrips the weight of the fabric, assuming the fabric is windproof and breathable. The use of Airlight fabric to actually make a shirt and do exactly that was a totally new concept in the late 1970’s. The first windshirt, Rohan Mark 1 Hyde came to the market in 1980. Developed as part of a new, unique  garment system to provide the maximum protection and comfort for minimal weight, quick drying and easy to wear. It came to the market with Jekyll. If you were going to wear the Hyde you had to have something compatible to put under it. It’s hard to talk about the Hyde without reference to the Jekyll, the under Hyde garment. We will cover Jekyll story in a future post on Rohantime. The next time you are in Keswick pop into Rohan Keswick there is a fine example of Mark 1 Hyde on display. It is part of their unique Rohan Originals Collection.

Rohan-Hyde-Mark1 at Rohan Keswick

Extracts from a 1980 Rohan newsletter & photo of  John Cleare wearing a Mark 1 Hyde and Mark 1 Rohan Bags. Fording Su-Baschi River American MUZTAGH ATA SKI EXPEDITION 1982. Expedition leader John Cleare fords the glacial Su-baschi River below ‘Grasslands Camp’ at 3,800m. beside the ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang, Western China.  ©John.Cleare/MOUNTAIN.CAMERA

jekyll and hyde

john and hyde

hyde mark 1

Joe Coe in Hyde Mark 1 China 1982 Photo John Cleare

hyde mk11

Alan in the futuristic design Hyde Mark11. photo taken by Paul Howcroft for TQQ 1983 Rohan HQ in Airton

The Mark II Rohan Windshirt soon followed. It was an open up the front versions. Poppers not zipped. The Airlight fabric had become ripstop Airlight. The garment was much sleeker. By 1983 the garment had changed name to the Action Jacket & the Hyde was lost forever. Hyde’s spirit was reborn in the Moving On


That’s another story. Hyde Mark II was the start of a new look in outdoor clothing. A much sleeker, cleaner profile than the market was used to. The combined outfit of Bags and Mark 11 Hyde moved the Rohan range nearer to easy care outdoor and travel clothing.

The decision to drop the Hyde was because of problems with the availability of the Jekyll fabric, Dunova. You couldn’t have a Hyde without a Jekyll, so both disappeared.

Sarah Howcroft Co-founder Rohan Clothing

Check out photo’s of Jekyll and Hyde on Rohantime Photo Archive. If you have a photo of Hyde or Jekyll please share it with us.

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