New Rohan Shop Opening Soon

Rohan opens in Betws-y-Coed

We have a new Rohan shop opening soon!

A new photo clue will be posted every few days keep checking back.

Any ideas where the next Rohan Shop is opening please post your idea using the comment form below.

Clue #5 The new Rohan shop is your gateway to some of the most incredible, awe inspiring scenery and adventure in Wales.

Clue #4 The bridge of the Cauldron’. The new Rohan shop is two minutes walk from here.

Clue #3 Built by engineer Thomas Telford, constructed in 1815, and completed in place the year after. It was only the seventh ever cast Iron Bridge of its type to be built. The new Rohan shop is about half a mile from here!

Clue #2 Could be anywhere stunningly beautiful, but maybe you know the topography?

The next Rohan Shop is in?

Clue #1 It isn’t too far from here. 25K later and you would have passed it far down in the valley below; any ideas?


Rohan Heritage

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