The Rohan Shirt

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The Rohan Shirt

The lineage of the Rohan shirt is almost as long as the trousers.

The Hyde Windshirt, Moving On, Tropical and Safari shirt of the late 1970’s and 1980’s started it all.

Lightweight, fast drying and crease resistant,  Rohan shirts are specifically designed for travel. From super-durable shirts for rigorous jungle expeditions through to smart, business shirts for (equally rigorous) transatlantic flights our shirts all have one thing in common: their functionality. They just work.

Now would be a very good time to try a Rohan shirt or top up your shirt collection there is 20% off the entire range of Rohan Shirts until 27th May.

Drop into your nearest Rohan Shop and take a look at the shirt collection or shop on line  for Rohan men’s shirts and women’s shirts

Read more on Rohan Heritage and see the Rohan Gallery

Rohan Heritage

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