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Messner & Habeler camp two. photo Leo Disckinson

Messner & Habeler camp two. Everest without oxygen 1978 photo Leo Disckinson

Rohan in The Telegraph 20/04/2011

Mencyclopaedia: Rohan

Great gear for ramblers, climbers – and rugged suit wearers, too.


Rohan History, Co Founders Paul and Sarah Howcroft, Rohan Jackets, Rohan Trousers, Rohan Shops and lots more…

Best of all are its outdoors jackets, because – despite Rohan’s geekiness – some of these are not only practical, butRohan 40 years attractive, too. Whether it’s the rambler-perfect Cloudcover, the new lightweight Elite cycling jacket, or the reversible Outer Flame (turn it inside out for a reflective orange that makes you a cinch to rescue), they all represent such strong examples of thought-through, pragmatic design that they hit the aesthetic heights as well.

Read: Mencyclopaedia: Rohan

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Rohan Heritage

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