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Often on Rohantime we receive wonderful insights into Rohan clothing, from customers, staff and friends of Rohan. We thought it would be great to share some of these with you. These dropped into the Rohantime inbox in the last few days from Phillip Cheung. Thank you Phil. Read on…

“My brother in law

As the new boy in Finance back in 1993 I was introduced to the delight of scrap sale, an event not to be missed for someone who is new to the business as you can buy quality second hand items at rock bottom prices. To my delight I managed to pick up a Fulmer and the fleece that goes with it, you know, the one that can be zipped up with the jacket. I used them for a few years, mainly for watching football and being out and about with the boys. They kept me warm and dry and still to this day I don’t know why they were scrapped in the first place. My wife persuaded me to part with the items in 1996 when my brother in law and his family paid us a visit from Hong Kong, before their eventual emigration to Toronto in 1998. Fast forward to 2004, my brother in law and his  now much grown up family dropped in for a visit as part of their European tour and what did I see, the old Fulmer and the fleece, the whole ensemble. I was told that they were put to good use in Canada, particularly during the winter months. I stayed with them in 2007 and they were still there. Time have flown and I am not the same young man I was in 1993, but the Fulmer and his friend are still around, serving its purpose of keeping us warm and dry.

My niece

I gave my niece a waterproof ( I think it was an Atlas Travel or Atlas Adventure) in the early 1990s when she left England for China, teaching English as a foreign language after finishing university in Southampton. Two years later she met up with some friends to travel all over China, the route that eventually took her to the Silk Road, Nepal, India and Pakistan, then to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. When we met up at some family gathering some years later she told me that the Rohan waterproof was a must have item on her travel as it kept her dry, no matter what the weather was. Two year ago my niece (now a banker’s wife living in New York) asked me to get her a waterproof as the jacket that accompanied her during her travel had finally given up the ghost. I duly obliged. I know the replacement will serve her in many years to come”.

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