Rohan Canopy Cape – The ideal way to keep dry

Rohan Canopy Cape

When is a jacket not a jacket? When it’s a Rohan Canopy Cape 

A really versatile incredibly useful item for the traveller, outdoor enthusiast and excellent for the upcoming festival season.

Perfect for nature watchers, outdoor photographers and festival goers. Offering far greater protection than an umbrella and greater versatility than a regular jacket, our totally waterproof Canopy Cape is an incredibly useful item for the traveller or outdoor enthusiast. Naturally, it’s not perfect for everything but in certain situations – think tropical rainforests and summer festivals in Britain – a cape is the ideal way to keep dry.

For tropical rainforests conditions the cape is the ideal way to keep dry. It’s also a good way to offer some protection for delicate equipment – which is why they’re so popular with outdoor photographers and nature watchers. It’s easy to keep your electronic gear covered up when you’re not actually using it. It’s made from high-quality 100% silicone-proofed polyamide.

Rohan Canopy Cape Long    Rohan Canopy Cape Short

Canopy Cape

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TGO – Rohan’s new Canopy Cape The large cape provides head to toe protection against mud and rain, and also doubles up as a shelter. Rohan’s large cape is made from high quality 62 g/m polyamide – normally seen on the technical mountain tents – which has been saturated with waterproof silicone to provide a durable and total barrier to water.


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