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Welcome to Rohan Woodbridge from Karen, Nick (Manager) and the team.

Rohan Woodbridge 43 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1AH.

Shop Telephone Number: 01394 610840

Shop Opening Hours:

Monday 09:00-17:00
Tuesday 09:00-17:00
Wednesday 09:00-17:00
Thursday 09:00-17:00
Friday 09:00-17:00
Saturday 09:00-17:00
Sunday Closed

Meet the team left to right: Meg, Suz, Lois, Karen, Nick, Claudia and Steve.
Meet the team left to right: Meg, Suz, Lois, Karen, Nick, Claudia and Steve.

Rohan Woodbridge.

Set on the Thoroughfare of historic Woodbridge Town, Rohan welcomes you to a beautiful tidal river and many interesting sites and buildings, an area of great natural beauty, a vibrant town and a good walking area. Rohan is the most dog friendly clothing shop in town! The Thoroughfare was recently voted one of the Top 10 High Streets in the UK according to The Sunday Times.

Visit the Rohan shop and meet Karen, Suzanne, Claudia, Steve, Lois, Meg and Nick. We can kit you out for a Safari or an afternoon walking the dog and everything in between. We’ll give you honest advice and suggest the most appropriate clothing according to your needs.

At Rohan Woodbridge we have staff with experience of the following countries and regions:

United Kingdom
Dominican Republic
North Africa including Egypt and Morocco
Tanzania and Zanzibar
Sudan and South Sudan
The Near and Middle East including Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the occupied Palestinian
Territories, Jordan, Iraq, The Gulf States and Iran.
Central Asia including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Pakistan and Nepal
South-East Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
South Pacific – The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
New Zealand.

If you are contemplating travelling to any of these destinations then why not pop in and pick our brains? We have the knowledge and the gear to suit you.
Check out our world map, maybe plan a trip or remember a past adventure. If you have a picture of yourself in Rohan clothing we’d love to put a copy up on the map for all to enjoy.

Got an old piece of Rohan clothing? Can we borrow it to display on the wall please?

Other attractions in Woodbridge include:
Honey & Harvey, an independent coffee shop opposite Rohan and a step up from the usual high street chains.

Sutton Hoo is just the other side of the Deben from the Tide Mill and can be reached by car or on foot. The 7th Century burial mound of King Redwald discovered on the eve of World War Two and containing some stunning artefacts. A great visit for kids and adults alike. A pleasant walk from Woodbridge along the banks of the River Deben.

Woodbridge lays credible claim to The Grand Old Duke of York of nursery rhyme fame. He’d march his men down from what is now Old Barrack Road to Market Hill (neither up nor down) and from there down to the river where the troops would stand on the edge of the Tide Mill Pool (now a marina) and have target practice across the river into Ferry Cliff where musket balls are still occasionally found.

Back in Woodbridge and in need of sustenance? Try the Old Bell and Steelyard on New Street or the Anchor at the bottom of Quay Street, opposite the railway station. Both pubs are well run and friendly and have good beer and good food.


Rohan Woodbridge

“Rohan Woodbridge customers, Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield who recently visited the Perito Moreno glacier in southern Argentina. They are pictured here standing by the shop counter and in front of the backdrop which is the very Perito Moreno glacier on which they stood. Beside them are two pictures they have given us showing them on the glacier.How cool (in several ways) is that?


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  1. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    As we do the November dance towards colder weather (one step forwards, two sideways, one back then two forwards again) Rohan is perfectly placed to provide you with warm clothing in anticipation of the promised cold weather.

    Rohan has 20% off selected Winter Warmers from today for ten days, warm outer layers, trousers, mid layers and shirts are ready in store for you to come along and select your colour and size combination to make you look and feel good in the cold weather.

    See you soon.

  2. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    The Mid Season Sale is with us again. Many lines are reduced, two particularly good deals are the women’s and men’s Atlas Jackets at 35% off making them £99 down from £159 and the Summit Trousers, women’s are £69 down from £89 and men’s are £79 down from £99.

    To see the whole range go to:

    The Sale is on until Sunday 22nd. October but the sooner you come in and see us the more likely you are to find the garment in the size you want.

    We’ll see you soon.

  3. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    At the moment we’re focussing on the magnificent qualities of wool. Either pure or as a blend to add durability. All Rohan woollen garments can go through your washing machine, even the woollen topcoats such as the women’s Malmo or the men’s Cold Harbour.

    We have pure Extrafine merino wool jumpers that won’t lose their shape. Merino blends that wick even better than pure merino and still feel great next to the skin and wool blend garments that are so easy to care for that you’d think they were made from Rohan’s usual technical fabrics.

    You need to come in and see them for yourself. Seeing is believing.

  4. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Rohan customers. What a fantastic breed they are. The last day of Gift Your Gear and Mr. Knott comes in to Rohan Woodbridge with:

    One sleeping bag
    One Thermarest sleeping mat
    Two Waterproofs.
    Three walking poles
    Five rucksacks

    What a generous donation to end Gift Your Gear on this September.

    Thanks to one and all who donated, your generosity is helping so many people to get out into the outdoors in the appropriate clothing. You really have made a positive difference to people’s lives.

  5. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Head torches are back on the menu. We didn’t stock them last winter but I’m pleased to say that we have the excellent looking Nite Ize Radiant 200 Headlamp in stock. with a maximum of 200 lumens, batteries included, water resistant and four modes including spot, flood and red* this is an excellent torch for £30.

    I know some people don’t get along with head torches but I have always found them more user friendly than hand held as (surprise, surprise) your hands are free and wherever you look the torch illuminates.

    Before discovering head torches it was often possible to hold a torch in your mouth and use both hands but dribbling down the barrel of the torch was an occupational hazard.

    For so many reasons head torches are so much more useful.

    If you don’t already know how wonderful head torches are then take my word for it, they just are.

    See you soon.

    *The red function is great as it doesn’t compromise your night vision but if you are map reading beware, red light makes contour lines on British maps difficult to see/read.

  6. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Gift Your Gear never ceases to bring out the best in people. A lady who was too shy to be photographed has just dropped off a wonderful, warm jacket and nine pairs of brand-new jodhpurs.

    What a star.

    Gift Your Gear gives your unwanted outdoors clothing a new lease of life and gives you 15% off new items purchased on the day.

    Come in and see us sometime.

  7. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Simon Ingram is the Editor of Trail Magazine. For six months he has been wearing/testing Rohan’s Stretch Bags, he says:

    “They are fantastic, they stretch so the fit thing isn’t a problem and freedom of movement is exceptional. They’re light (340g) and dry quickly. And the pockets are a bit ingenious, featuring zipped entry with a secondary webbed pocket in front…. Rohan bags are sort of classic trousers for this brand which rather deftly straddle travel/outdoor applications. I just love them.”

    Read more: Trail Magazine Used & Abused Rohan Stretch Bags

    We stock Stretch Bags here at Rohan Woodbridge, they come in two colours, Cargo and Coal and you really need to come in and try, the buy, a pair.

    See you soon.

  8. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Gift Your Gear is up and running again and lasts until the end of September.

    Rohan Woodbridge customers have been amazingly generous and after less than a week they have donated one and a half boxfuls of unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear.

    In doing so our customers have themselves benefitted from a discount of 15% off full price items so everyone is happy to put it mildly.

    We’ll see you soon.

  9. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Gift Your Gear is back at Rohan Woodbridge* a day or two before 1 September but nonetheless it will run through the entire month of September. Many of our regular readers will know all about Gift Your Gear but for those of you who have not come across this award winning initiative here goes.

    Once again Rohan has partnered with Gift Your Gear the award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors. Donate your usable outdoor clothing from the 1st September to 1st October 2017 at any Rohan shop and we are happy to offer you 15% off a full price purchase with any donation made.

    1. Open your cupboard doors wide and briefly marvel at the contents congratulating yourself on your ability to build up such a comprehensive collection of outdoor clothing. Shortly, however, a small voice in your head or possibly just over your shoulder will start to ask why you keep item X which you don’t wear any longer, may have been an impulse buy and anyhow, that colour doesn’t match your eyes.

    2. Assuming the garment in question is still serviceable make your way directly to Rohan Woodbridge where on production of said garment you will be given 15% off new purchases made that day.

    We’ll see you soon.

    *Other Rohan Stores are available.

  10. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    We’ll be closed this Bank Holiday Monday and will be open as usual on Tuesday 29 August at 0900.

    Have a great weekend and see you soon.

  11. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    It seems bizarre but here we are, August is not over and we’re receiving stocks of the Winter clothing.

    For women we have the Downtown Coat, the Cocoon Coat, the Cold Harbour Coat and the Malmo Coat as well as the Malmo Jacket.

    For men we have the Cold Harbour Coat in two colours, charcoal marl and moorland marl.

    My female colleagues always feel that men have much more choice in terms of garments and colours than women do. This season, the (Winter) boot is very much on the other foot!

    Come in and see the new garments, just be aware that this process will take longer for women than for men.

    There is a small seating area for waiting spouses/partners/significant others.

    We’ll see you soon.

  12. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    The day started with rain pouring down on Woodbridge. But the sun is now shining benignly over the town and to celebrate Rohan is offering a whopping 40% off some Summer items.

    Selected men’s T-Shirts and shorts, women’s tops and Capris. They are going fast so come and see us soon to have the best chance of getting the garments you want in the right size and colour combination.

    See you soon.

  13. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    They’re here!

    Men’s Troggings Shorts are in store.

    Supremely comfortable, shower resistant, stretchy, durable, water repellent, lightweight, fast drying.


    What’s not to like?

    Come in and get a pair while stocks last.

    See you soon.

  14. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Rohan has a history of response to customer demand and quirky items that just fit the bill.

    We now stock the Extrafine Merino Travel Blanket. 100% Extrafine merino wool, 160cm x 95cm, 310g of crease resistant, machine washable loveliness. It even comes in two colours, Cobalt Stripe and Black Cherry.

    This is going to be one of those supremely useful items you get for travel in general but end up using around the house too or for an early morning or evening outing.

    Come in and see them soon!

  15. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    The New Season lines are arriving on an almost daily basis now.

    For some time now ladies have been requesting a longer fleece and Rohan has responded magnificently with the Isla Jacket which is a good 10cm. longer than most fleeces.

    For men we have the Newtown Shirts which are a slightly slimmer fit than Rohan’s usual men’s shirt fit. We also have Newtown T’s which are longer and slimmer than the Men’s Element T.

    Follow the links to the garments or go to for the full range. Better still come into the shop to see the colours and feel the fabrics (and then buy them!).

    We’ll see you soon.

  16. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Remember when you came in during THE SALE and we pointed out the Voucher Booklet in you bag with your Sale purchases?

    They are now valid so pop back in and see what savings you can make at Rohan Woodbridge.*

    Of special note is the first voucher in the booklet offering 10% off Rohan New Season Products.

    We’ll see you soon.

  17. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    What do you get for the Rohan wearing lady who has every conceivable colour of Roamers?

    You get Roamers in the two new colours, Deep Forest and Stormy Sky.

    Come in and see them, they’re hot off the boat!

    See you soon.

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