Moray scoots about in his Hilltop

Rohan's MD Roger Cann in Rohan Perth

Roger Cann and the Rohan Perth team

Moray from Rohan Perth scoots about in his Hilltop

Following on from our recent interview with Katrina Morrison, we caught up with Moray Anderson the new Manager of the Perth Shop

 Moray Anderson shares his story on Rohantime What have you been up to in your first few months, apart from all your hard work in Perth?

I attended the Spring/Summer launch conference in Skipton, where the company started 40 years ago. This was my first Rohan conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see the new ranges presented to us by the designers as this gave a great opportunity to hear about the garments first hand. I particularly liked the Rohan 6876 collaboration items, these are extremely stylish garments.

What did you learn from the conference?

After attending the conference, Craig Lees and I ran a training night in store for all the staff. I was amazed at how much time and effort goes into the garments and this is reflected in their performance. Each member of the team took a couple of new products from the new range and presented them to everyone. Rather than focusing too much on the features, we concentrated on the benefits of the products and explaining this in an understandable way.

What has been the reaction of customers in Perth to the new Spring/Summer range?

Our Preview Day brought a lot of customers into the store and the new range has been very well received. Sales of the men’s Crossborder jacket in bronze have been particularly good. In fact, we had Roger Cann in the shop the other day. He was very smartly dressed in the bronze Crossborder jacket, a pair of navy Grand Tour chinos and a blue Oxford Correspondent shirt. We also had a customer in at the time (who had just returned from a fishing holiday Argentina) looking for a jacket. Once Roger had left, I pointed out that he was the Rohan Managing Director, and that he was wearing the Crossborder jacket. He promptly tried it on and bought it!

What kind of feedback to you get from customers about Rohan clothing?

One of the things we hear over and over from our customers is how impressed they are with the durability and long life of our products. This is mainly due to the amount of research and development that Rohan invests in producing the required materials. We had a gentleman come in to purchase a new pair of Bags trousers as he said his current ones were nearly worn through at the bum. When I asked how long he had had them he replied “15 years!” and he had worn them a lot!! According to the Rohan Bags Price Index, 15 years ago they would have cost him £45. Not a bad investment at £3 a year!

What are your favourite Rohan products and what do you use them for?

One of my favourite Rohan garments are my Strider trousers, these are honestly the most comfortable trousers I have ever worn. Along with work, I also wear them when I am golfing as they are so hard wearing, wind resistant and they are unrestrictive, which makes them ideal for golf. I also love my Hilltop jacket as this is great for wearing on my Vespa T5. I can scoot in any weather (just about!) as it is completely waterproof and the Mirkwood Green colour is a classic look when on a scooter!

How is the new team coming along?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first couple of months with Rohan and we now have a great team in place in Perth, all the staff are knowledgeable of the products and very customer focused. As well as myself and Katrina Morrison (Deputy Manager) we also have Susan Stephen and Sylvia Bryan on board. Duncan Morrison, Katrina’s son, is also going to be working in the shop on a Saturday. It’s great to be part of such a good team and I thank Harry, Janette and Rohan for giving me this opportunity.

 Moray Anderson Interview  Rohan PerthLooking forward to meet ing you in Rohan Perth – Moray Anderson



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