Yorkshire Micro Adventure

Dylan is a friend of and an ambassador for Rohan. I first got in touch with him when he built me an excellent – and unusual – set of bicycle wheels as part of his business yourspokes.co.uk.

He’s a passionate outdoors man and cyclist and has toured widely, though as this article shows not all trips need to be epic to be enjoyable. Based in York Dylan is involved in many things bicycle-related, including reclaiming discarded bikes and getting them back into action for donation to social groups. He is also, he tells me, a trained chef of many years experience and he does his bit in trying to lead as sustainably and responsibly a life as possible.  I hope you enjoyed Dylan’s first inspiring article about escaping the festive fug and getting back in touch with the natural world over Xmas.

This is his second article for Rohantime Yorkshire Micro Adventure  – Tim Jasper, Brand Director


Yorkshire Micro Adventure

When two of my friends suddenly announced they were going to do their first real cycle tours this year – Land’s End to John O’Groats and Germany – there was only one thing to do. What with my previous touring experience and a whole new range of Rohan cycle clothing to test, the obvious thing to do would be a micro-tour.

So I then set about planning a two day adventure which I knew both of them could handle. The first would be a long but flat ride. The second would be shorter with some hills so they get the full mix of what they may come across in cycle touring. I picked a route to a friend’s paddock on the coast near Hornsea via Hull for day one and then for the second day an easy but hilly route back to York via Driffield.

Saturday 9am Cold and Very Foggy

“I was grateful for having Rohan’s new clothing range ‘Rider’ as the Elite Stormer jacket was just the ticket to keep out the cold and the fine mist that gets into everything”

The no-compromise waterproof jacket for the keen rider

We all met at my workshop just so I could double check everyone’s bikes were in good order. Then off down the Selby bike path (route 65) this is when I was grateful for having Rohan’s new clothing range ‘Rider’ as the Elite Stormer Jacket was just the ticket to keep out the cold and the fine mist that gets into everything. I had picked the flat roads for the first day so I could find out their riding style while doing some miles knowing full well that tomorrow will be shorter with some small hills on the route home. From Selby we headed east along the picturesque back roads that run along the side of the river Ouse just popping inland to run through some historic towns, Howden and Blackcroft. From there the river Ouse turns into the Humber which runs all the way to the North Sea. By the time we had got to the Humber Bridge the sun was out giving us some lovely views of the Bridge and the nature reserve just on the other side. After stopping for some snacks and to take some photos from there we headed into Hull to take the Hornsea railway cycle path up to Mappleton where we set up for the night and then headed to one of the local pubs for some well earned food after the long but amazing 80 miles.

Sunday 10am and Very foggy with the sea fret

Before heading to bed the night before we made plans for what time we were going to be heading off. But we had all forgotten about the clocks going forward so we were running late as we had hoped to be well on our way by now. So we had to pack tents wet and head off to find some food and a quick double check our route back. The route was going to be taking us up to Driffield and then back onto some of the quiet back roads, picturesque towns and villages. When we got away from the fog we stopped at Huggate to have a late lunch and dry out our tents from the night before in the afternoon sun.

A technical bike jersey disguised as an everyday polo.

I was very pleased to find that my new Rohan Outrider shorts dried in double quick time which was a nice change. From there we headed along the gentle rolling hills to Garrowby Hill for a fun ride down the 17% drop. Turning back onto the back roads to Stamford Bridge via Bishop Wilton for some dinner and a wait until dusk for some great photos of the sunset and a quick ride back into York to round off a great 68 mile ride and a total of 148 miles for the weekend’s micro-tour.

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