Rohan & Barry grown together

barry howard

Let me tell you a little about Rohan and me:

Have bought Rohan gear every year since 1978 – and took the first gear solo mountain trekking across Finnmark and the the North Cape.
Am still wearing some of the original Rohan gear. Why not?
Have led 180 expeditions across the whole of the high and sub Arctic, using Rohan gear on every one.
Former award-winning geographer/teacher. Now professional survival instructor across the UK and the whole of Scandinavia – wearing the Assignment  Jacket everywhere.
I’m an Outdoor Education Safety specialist – again multi-award winning, and a Chartered Geographer and FRGS (since 1974), running my own company.
2002: 10,000 kms 3 month solo expedition to North Cape and Russian border : awarded Churchill Fellowship & silver medallion for research. The Rohan (Goa) ‘anorak’  went with me across 6,000 miles of driving. I wore it today.
The Striders and Super Striders are still worn, the Rohan Bags are still there, the old Rohan Pampas (bright orange and navy !!!!) still there too. The Axiom jacket was admired by an Icelandic Guide recently and it mysteriously disappeared at the end of the exped! I have loads of Rohan Polos and T’s, Icelanders, Uplanders, and am 6’5″ so Rohan was the first clothing I could get to fit me – ‘off the shelf’. I am just about to buy my fourth Pampas jacket – they are the best.

The purpose of telling you all this?

1. I’m proud to be a ‘Rohanist’
2. The products have actually been with me since I started instructing mountain craft and survival professionally – so we’ve grown together – and that’s in a way sort of comforting.
3. I’m still buying.

No doubt you get loads of emails by other Rohan users. Well that’s good, but I thought you like to know that 31 years ago – one Autumn I was in a shop in Brentwood, Essex…..and it all started from there.

Keep up the good work.


Barry Howard
Director & Chief Instructor
Hunter Outdoor Training

A selection of photo’s from Barry’s album below. More on Rohantime Flickr

BJH Mk.1 Pampas Jkt 1980 Shetland Islands- 1

Yes this is a Mk1 Pampas very rare

BJH Mk 2 Pampas Jkt. & Rohan Breeches Cairngorms Winter ML 1989 - 1

Yes this is a Pampas Mk2 also very rare

BJH Black Rohan Gilet Key Speaker Businessmen's Breakfast 2009-1

Barry in action

BJH Assigment Jacket Sweden 2009 - 1

Barry in Rohan '09

Rohan Heritage

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