Did you pack this yourself Sir?

Doing without luggage is easy!

The topic of conversation around the pub table was did you really need to take any luggage on a weekend break.

At a time when even cabin luggage is becoming a contentious issue, I decided to put this to the test and to travel without any luggage on a recently booked Ryan Air flight to Stockholm for a solo R&R weekend of sightseeing, culture and fine dining.

I stepped lightly towards the airport terminal, smug in the knowledge that I had no luggage. I had checked in online with my one pound Ryan Air ticket, so I headed straight for security. As I walked towards the line of people waiting for their mandatory pat down, I had a minor panic when I noticed they were removing their shoes, and I couldn’t quite remember if my socks had any holes in them. At this point, I started to do the security gate salsa, a rhythmic patting of pockets to confirm that I had my passport, tickets and what passed for a boarding pass etc. On my airline of choose if you fail to print out your boarding pass, they charge you for the privilege. Of course I hadn’t forgotten to print mine. I had, however, omitted to collect it from my printer. Suddenly, my one pound ticket was not such a great deal.

Soon it was my turn for the security pat down. I placed my Rohan Cloudbase Jacket in the x-ray tray hoping the operator would ask if I’d packed the jacket myself – he didn’t. As the jacket disappeared into the X-ray machine, I ran a mental check of what I’d packed into the jacket and did any of the items look like weapons of mass destruction. My mind raced over my iPhone, Rohan Polo and my never travel without tiny portable radio. All was well and my jacket emerged from the X-ray machine without a glimmer of interest showing on the operators face.

My trip was a great success. Stockholm is a great weekend destination. One of my main concerns was that I may have been over pocketed a Rohan Cloudbase Jacket, Fusion Trousers and Rohan T Plus, that’s a lot of pockets. It was pointed out to me that I would need space on the return trip for gifts such as Channel No5 and the ubiquitous Toblerone.

The wonderful Ingred was very pleased with the Channel No5 and reckons that doing without luggage is not such a big deal anyway!

However, it’s a well known fact that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the female of the species to do without luggage for a romantic weekend in Paris (the next challenge).

cloudbase11 fusion1 polo1 t-long1

John Kerry – long standing Rohan customer and often in Covent Garden

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