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Good roads for travel sickness…

We’ve had lots of enquiries about where our current catalogue was shot. Several of you nailed it: it’s north west Mallorca.

The first time I ever went to Mallorca I was even more impressed than I was expecting. Far from its reputation for beer-soakedPuerto Soller and the mountains behind packages there are amazing landscapes and places if you are prepared to flee the resorts and seek them out.

The rocky limestone scenery in the North has some breathtaking scenery and some pretty challenging walking – the broken terrain underfoot and the heat can make the going hard. Worth it though.

Sa Calobra (the catalogue cover shot) from the seaThe cover shot was taken in the Torrent de Pareis gorge at the end by the beach of  Sa Calobra. A stunning place and a committing scramble if you walk or clamber down the whole route.

From a photoshoot point of view Mallorca was good for us too for the sheer variety of locations – from the town square and tram terminal in Soller to the mountain ridges above and the coast below – all of them relatively easily accessible on a very tight schedule. This helped us get the shots we needed in the time we had, which is a boon when much of the actual shooting happens around first light and last light and there is inevitably quite a lot of time setting up.

The weather helped too. It wasn’t quite as hot as it looked – though a nice change from midwinter Britain – but less than two weeks later they had two feet of snow – the heaviest snowfall for 56 years! Our catalogue could have looked a lot different if we’d gone then…

Tim Jasper, Brand Director

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