Natural Light at Rohan Harrogate

Standing Stone on Twisleton Scar and Whernside Yorkshire Dales Sam Oakes

“It’s about inspiration, great photographs and great clothing just go so well together!”

At Rohan Harrogate, we display some wonderful exhibitions by local artists; for residents they re-present our local area in a new light and visitors get a taste of just how amazing Yorkshire really is.

Alongside the wonderful local landscapes by Robert Swindells, our stairway gallery showcases some fascinating new photographs by our old friend Sam Oakes. Sam has always had a strong relationship with Rohan Harrogate “It’s about inspiration, great photographs and great clothing just go so well together!” Sam said, “The fact that you enjoy landscape photography probably means that you like being outdoors. We are really lucky in England, because we have some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It’s just a case of getting out there and enjoying it”.

Little Langdale from Blea Tarn Lake District National Park Sam Oakes

Sam has had his work shown internationally and has worked all over the world. He has spent a number of years working as a tour guide in Africa, The Middle East and Australia.Although, you don’t have to go as far away as that to get some great shots. His evocative and thought provoking compositions have always created intrigue with our customers. His current work shows some fantastic Yorkshire vistas, both of the Dales and the Yorkshire Coast. There are also some beautiful pictures of  The Lake District and Scotland.

British landscapes are a reminder to all of us, of how lucky we are to be so close to so much natural beauty.

Sam is running some photography workshops in the Dales, with his company natural-light-workshops. Teaching local budding photographers about composition and light in their pictures, as well as being shown around Britain’s most beautiful areas. Sam understands being in the landscape better than most having to contend with the weather whilst travelling and teaching at the same time. His work captures incredible light and distinctions between the natural textures and colours in the natural world. Technical processes in this field are important to learn, especially in this day and age where so many believe that a great camera is all you need and the pictures will take themselves.

For more information please look at the Natural Light website and Sam Oakes

The photographs are available for purchase, framed and signed from Rohan Harrogate,

Next time you come in, you really should have a look.

Kit List

Here’s a kit list for a day out taking photographs in the Dales in the spring and summer months. The weather can be changeable so you have to be prepared for the wind, rain or the cold. Packable clothing means that you have more room for lenses and not everybody wants to look like ‘camera guy’ if you know what I mean.

Here are some thoughts on gear that would be good to take along:

Rohan Elite JacketRohan Elite Jacket is waterproof, windproof, superlight and packs down into a tiny packpocket that you can keep in your cameraRohan Cloudcover Jacket bag just in case and looks good enough not to look out of place when you get back into civilisation or alternatively the Cloudcover Jacket which is a little longer but almost as lightweight.

Rohan Trailblazers TrousersOur favourite trousers for all things photographic are Rohan Trailblazers (or convertibles), these really are an amazing bit of kit, stretch-fabric means that you don’t need to think about your clothes when you should be thinking about the shot, cargo pockets to give you a place to dump a lens when you need a quick change and of course they dry really quickly if you get caught in a shower, pretty much ideal. An alternative would be the new Escapers, super stretch without the cargo pockets for when you want to look a bit smarter.

Rohan Men's Waypoint Shirt £57.00Just as the weather can change for the worse, it can also change for the better. Sure you could just wear a Rohan T-Plus, but consider a Waypoint Shirt: long sleeves to keep you safe in the sun, turn up the collar to help keep your camera strap from digging in around your neck, a little place to bung your glasses when you need them off in a hurry, three secure pockets for those little things you need when you need them. What more could you possibly ask for from a shirt?

Microgrid Stowaway Zip Want to stay warm? Wear a fleece full of holes.The other item that should never be left out of your bag is our perennial favourite the Rohan Microgrid Stowaway Zip: a great jumper that packs into a tiny bag, seriously, with this and an Elite Jacket in your bag you are really well prepared for almost anything.

A well known fact is that we in Rohan love pockets, you don’t have to use them all, but it’s good to have options isn’t it. TheRohan Field JacketRohan Men’s Field Jacket is great, almost a dozen pockets makes this the safest jacket around, you might not even need a bag.

I’m sure that we’ve missed some things out, if you have any favourite bits of kit or tips please add a comment below.

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