Rohan Shop at Long Preston

The Rohan Souk at Rohan Long Preston

Well you can’t miss it can you?

It’s Rohan Long Preston which has many claims to fame.
None the least it was the very first Rohan Shop to open.

The first of 60 Rohan shops that have followed in the 29 years since it opened in 1983.
Many of the worlds mountaineers, adventurers, alpinist and climbers have passed through the doors over the last 29 years.

Rohanists memories of Long Preston are extensive…
The first shop layout, no garments on display, the electric blinds that rose and fell on demand, the first team that greeted people Chris, the Rudlers, Gail, Colin and the Howcrofts.

The most frequently asked question when the shop first opened Why Long Preston?

Inside Long Preston on Opening Day no stock on display hidden by electronic blinds

Inside Rohan Long Preston on opening day Herman Miller desk and table

Do you have any early memories of Long Preston back in the day?     

Please share them in the comments below.

Celebrating 40 years

Today Rohan Long Preston is very smart and proud of its heritage.

Great news The Rohan Souk is now available at Long Preston
Another reason to drop in chat to Martina and her team and check out the bargains.



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