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We are happy to report that the Rohan Original Collection in Keswick is developing well.

Ben Evan’s owner of Rohan Keswick now has eight excellent examples of original early Rohan garments on display in the shop. Among the collection is a Mark 1 Moving On, One Piece, Tundra, The Starkhorn and a very rare example of a garment in the Pacer range. There are others about to go up on the Keswick shop walls.

Ben told us.

“The collection is a talking point in the shop. There is nothing Rohanists like better than talking about their own Rohan collection. We have had some great stories about trips and the customers early memories of Rohan clothing”

Ben is trying to track down some particular colours of Rohan Bags to add to the collection. Over the preceding 30 years there has been a kaleidoscope of Rohan Bags colours. Remember the pink, the white and yes wait for it spice, or was it rust? The collection is missing many colours, for example, red, mulberry spice, lovat, yellow, chestnut, black and taupe. Does anyone else have any of these colours, or any other colour not listed- especially the more off the wall colours that found their way on to the market in the early days? If you have please let us know, drop us a note in the comments and Ben will get back to you.

bags-red bags-blue

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