Rohan Belfast heritage – name the garment

A message from Bruce manager Rohan Belfast

“We have been very busy since our opening in Belfast and I am delighted at the support all the existing Rohan customers have given us.
We have also started working on a heritage section in the store and have been supported in this by Mr Johnston who has donated three tops to get us going.
These are a Movi, a Shamal and a third one that we do not have a name for.

I enclose photographs of these garments and would like to ask if the contributors at Rohantime can help us to name the unnamed garment.

belf1 belf3 belf2

Also as the team here in Belfast are all still new to Rohan any information at all on any of the older garments (their history and usage) would be interesting”.

If you are in the area call in or send Bruce a message in the comments below.

If you are interested in the history of Rohan, Ben Evans and his team at Rohan Keswick have a unique collection of very early Rohan heritage clothing on display in the Keswick shop. Garments such as The Starkhorn, The Original Super Striders, Black Striders, One Piece, and Mark One Moving On, Rohan Bags  and others. The Rohan Original’s collection is well worth a visit. Read more on this

Rohan Heritage


  1. Charles Ross says:

    As Sarah said: Classico came in right at the end of the 80s; the gold lining was a second generation addition from what I remember…

  2. Sarah Howcroft says:

    Hi Roger
    I would say 1988/89
    But the yellow lining might date it later
    Anyone else got any ideas?

  3. Roger E Dinnis says:

    Any idea how when the Classico suit range was introduced. My blue suit with shot yellow (?) lining in the jacket is still going strong.

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