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As a young child I remember thinking “why is my Dad always wearing those funny green trousers?”, now I am the one who lives in my Rohan trousers 24/7, and my own children are the ones saying “why are you wearing those all the time?”

From the album spot the Super Striders with the black knee patches

My parents started wearing Rohan gear in the early 1970s, and used to visit the Rohan shop at Long Preston to see what was available. The innovative clothing was ideal for our family backpacking holidays in the North Lakes, and helping on my uncles’ farm in Kirkby Stephen. I can remember that my Mum had a pair of navy blue Bags that had pleats in the front in the 1980’s that I was particularly jealous of.

Nearly 40 years on and we are still wearing Rohan clothing. My parents enjoy orienteering and mountain biking and have Rohan coats and over trousers for keeping warm afterwards. Rohan kit has served us well for wearing on expeditions, cycling holidays, tours of Scandinavia orienteering, farm work and holidays. It washes and wears, washes and wears effortlessly. We were recently talking about the longevity of Rohan clothing, and 1987-2006 for a jacket seems to hold the current record in this family.

Any advance on 19 years of wear for an item of outdoor clothing?


“We now have 3 generations of our family wearing Rohan…

My eldest son is tall enough to fit into adults clothing, and has just got his first Rohan coat to wear for mountain biking. We are lucky enough to live just off the North Face Mountain biking trail at Grizedale forest, and most weekends he goes round the trail whatever the weather.

He has also taken part in two expeditions with his school to Snowdonia, and every year his school put on a two day mountain marathon in the Coniston fells for all the pupils. The annual fell race on the lower slopes of Coniston Old Man is also one of the highlights of the year.=======
On rare occasions that we are all together, as despite living near to each other nobody stands still for long in this family, you can see three generations of our family wearing items from the same clothing range – not many families can say that!

What will we be wearing in the future? My dream every day wear is a farm type overall in Superstriders material, and a washable tweed jacket for wearing to shows when animals are inclined to slaver on your arms and shoulders when you are wearing your Sunday best. I have passed these ideas on to Rohan, and am eagerly awaiting a product development announcement…….!


Andrea MeanwellThe Lake District Fell Ponies Centre

Andrea has become a regular and popular contributor to Rohantime. Her previous posts on Rohantime have been about her life in aCelebrating 40 years Lake District valley and her practical experience of using Rohan clothing. Rohan is very important to her in her daily work on the farm. She is the second generation of Rohanist in her family and we now know that there is now a third generation. That is very special. Andrea lives in a small traditional farmstead in a beautiful Lakeland Valley and runs The Lake District Fell Pony Centre which is a working farm. She has regular open farm days and has riding ponies for sale. She also has Alpaca knitwear for sale from her own Alpacas, Fell Pony hooded sweatshirts, every purchase supports her work on the farm.

A big thank you to Andrea for taking the time to share her interesting working days, great animals and Rohan memories. Read Andrea’s other stories on Rohantime.

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