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The latest Rohan Swaps on the Rohantime Forum are very interesting. Now might be the perfect time to sort through your Rohan wardrobe to see if you have any potential swaps. Rohan Bags or Rohan Bags Shorts in spiffy colours wanted in return for some great Rohan garments. Take a look below or see all the Rohan swaps available and wanted on the Rohantime Forum.

The latest Rohan Swaps:
“Some things folk might want… in return I’m open to offers in men’s medium (‘A’ for the vintage stuff!) 32″ waist and 40” chest (or come to think of it stuff in the old Kids’ range that would fit 8 yo). Not really interested in waterproofs, unless it’s the cycling one. If anyone’s got Bags or Bags Shorts in spiffy colours that would be particularly good and since my wife has now stolen all of my Tropic Waffle shirts one of those would be most welcome too…

Essential Trousers, dark grey, MM, used but not excessively and not much obvious wear, I’ve just never got on too well with the cut of the legs.

Uplanders, MM, several models ago, olive green, very light use, I thought I’d give them a try but came to the conclusion I like stretchy legwear better.

Women’s Backpacker Trousers, WM, navy, unused, wife just never got on with the cut and pockets, we never did find the Round Tuit to send them back.

Action Jacket, M, pale green outer, olive lining, actually the only reason for sale is I got a blue one with a smart reflective wash I like better on eBay so this one isn’t used much now. I took the external belt out but the slots and channel for one are there if you want that 80s look to it!

Explorer (I think) windshirt, XL, a nice bluey green, dates from my preferences for Super Baggy and is just plain too big for me. The wee catch to roll the hood is slightly ill but works with suitable care.

Moving On, MM, blue and mulberry. The colours have faded a fair bit and the waist belt has been trimmed back to get rid of excess tape but it is otherwise fine”

That’s a lot of great items. Thank you. So get into your wardrobe and see what you are not going to use again. No kidding yourself that you will get into that pair of trousers again one day, or just maybe, you will wear that jacket again.

Some guidance notes to make swapping on the Rohantime Forum simple and easy:

  • Register on the forum.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you.
  • Follow the instruction in the email.
  • Log into the forum with your new users name and password.
  • Reply to any topic’s of interest.
  • Put your own topic’s on the forum.
  • When you need to make  direct contact with a forum user to arrange postage etc use the private message facility. Not a good idea to disclose your email address or phone number to the world ( see send PM at the bottom of each listing on the forum). The FAQ’s answer a lot of questions. If you still have questions contact Rohantime any time
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