Worcester Book 2012 Update

Last summer we published on Rohantime an interview between Nigel Mee from Rohan Worcester and Michael Hallett co author of The Worcester Book  read more

In the words of Michael Hallett and Clive Haynes, the editors of the original Worcester Book published in 2002

“We follow the life of the city through a year and a day, from September 1st 2001 to September 1st 2002.Our story is told by 32 photographers using around 340 photographs. This is a book by Worcester folk, about Worcester folk and for Worcester folk…”

Worcester Book 2012 – Will be the story of Worcester in a year and a day from September 1st, 2011 to September 1st, 2012 a moment in time that encapsulates the minutiae of life in Worcester during the year.

Nigel established a much visited story board on progress of Worcester Book 2012 in Rohan Worcester and Michael calls into the shop on Broad Street to update the board.

Drop in and check out the new updates on the Rohan Worcester board and have a chat to Nigel and the Rohan Worcester team.

We are really excited to publish a sneak preview below of some of the fantastic photo’s.

A big thank you to Michael for sharing them with us all.

The Worcester Races photographs by Sara Bunn

Northwick Cinema by Dave Castle

Nigel Mee Rohan Worcester


Rohan Heritage

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