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We all know that Rohan shirts last a long time.

Over time they become cherished items, loaded with the memories of the times that they were worn, the holidays they were taken on and the photographs they appeared in.

If you change your mind about the colour or gain a couple of pounds and things don’t fit as well as they used to, you can pass it on or sell your gear through Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) or donate it on to a charity shop and let somebody else benifit from the many years of funtional use left in the item. One shirt lasting ten years is better for the environment than ten shirts each lasting a season. Sustainability through longevity is very important to us.

There comes a point in every favourite shirt’s life that it just can’t be worn anymore; when it’s got a bit of paint on the sleeve, it’s gone a funny colour from the sun cream, you know the one, an old favourite sitting in the wardrobe waiting for the day that it gets sent sadly to the charity shop to be sold on as rags.

There is another way.

If you bring your old shirt into Rohan Harrogate we can arrange for your shirt to be turned into beautiful bunting by handmadeinharrogate.co.uk, perfect for summer garden parties and used for many years to come. For only £15 it will be turned into 5 metres of lovely shirt bunting keeping as many of the details as we can, collars, pockets, buttons that sort of thing and you buy another favourite Rohan shirt ready to be turned into bunting in another fifteen years, guilt free.

Have a look at Handmade in Harrogate for further information.

See you in Rohan Harrogate soon


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