Power of Feedback

Rohantime gets a lot of feedback every day.

Since we all feel the best way to improve is to listen to all the valuable feedback we are really excited to share this story.

It all started with a forum topic from ‘Peters’ …

Peters topic on the forum was Microgrid Stowaway Jacket for men.
“I’m new to Rohantime so this subject may already have been discussed, if so, sorry , I just think a jacket version would make what is already a great product even more versatile and easy to put on and take off. If it is good enough for the ladies, why not for we men also?”

I have added below the highlights of the discussions that took place on this topic, some of which was shared on Facebook and Twitter:

Michaelt: “I agree!”

Tim Jasper: “Hi Peters. It’s a good suggestion. It’s one of those garments that often gets into the range planning stage but somehow never makes it through the final cut. We’ll give it some further thought. Best regards, Tim”

Drscoop:  “Can I add my request/plea for this as well? Talking to my two local Rohan shops, both say this is a heavily requested item, and they see several chaps walking in and picking up the ladies’ variant in Large. That must suggest there’s a market for a more manly version?”

Tim Jasper:  “OK guys. Good news! Microgrid Jacket for men now designed, fitted, per-productioned (is that a word?) and on target for launch this Autumn. Proves the power of feedback! Many thanks for the encouragement… Stimulated by this thread we did further research (mainly asking the shops if they were getting requests for this and whether they thought it would sell) and the answer was YES. If anything unforeseeable happens to effect this plan I’ll post up here. Good, eh?”

Feedback works!  We are all listening so please keep it coming, the good the bad and the creative.

All channels are open Forum, Facebook, Twitter a comments on any Rohantime article or just use the contact us form.

The important thing is your opinions, feedback and ideas we are listening all the time.

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  1. Edward Inglefield says:

    Dealing with Rohan has been like dealing with family: no forced stupid politeness but friendly helpfulness. What a joy for delivery! Simple web information giving name and location of driver and rough time of delivery and ability to leave message ! Rolls Royce! Tell you what in this world of impersonal and poor service Rohan stands above!