Rohan Puts Reuse First with Inaugural Rohan Swap


We are pleased to announce another notable first for the Rohan history book.
The Inaugural Rohan Swap was completed on 28th August 2009.
Follow the story on the Rohantime Forum. The place to swap all the unused Rohan garments.

Robert and Strider, the happy participants of the successful swap, did just that. Robert posted his unwanted Field Jacket and Strider offered a Windfoil Fleece in exchange.  After some dialog on the Rohantime Forum, the swap was done. The First Rohan Swap was completed on 28th August 2009 and both parties have reported they are happy.

Robert told us:
“I am overjoyed with the outcome of the first Rohan swap, and will certainly consider another one if I find something from Rohan that I don´t wear” Robert also sent us the great picture.

There are few companies in the garment industry that actively encourage reuse of their garments. Most companies loose interest at the point of sale. For reuse to be viable longevity must be a prerequisite of the design and  manufacturing process. This has been one of the corner stones of Rohan since 1975.
Rohan sustainability through longevity has real meaning with Rohan Swap.
A big thank you to Robert and Strider for blazing the trail.

Rohan Heritage

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