Rohan Travel Jeans


No-one’s 100% sure who invented jeans.
But one thing’s for certain. They never set out to make anything ‘cool’.
They were made out of tent fabric and designed to do one thing: work.
Over the years, though, they’ve become rather popular. And, as it happens, they’ve turned out to be kind of cool.
Worn by just about everyone, they look great – pretty much anywhere.

So, how do you improve the unimproveable? The answer is simple: smart fabric technology.

Travel Jeans are more comfortable contain stretchy elastane. Which means they’re the only jeans in the world you won’t regret wearing on a long-haul flight.

Travel Jeans are lighter. Just as with Rohan Bags, lighter fabrics don’t necessarily mean less durable trousers. It’s just a question of choosing exactly the right type of light fabric.

Travel Jeans are faster drying 29% of our jeans fabric is polyester CoolMax™ Which means Travel Jeans dry in two thirds the time of ordinary cotton jeans. In practical terms, that means overnight. Comfortably.

Rohan Travel Jeans

Jeans, but better.

History and Memories of Rohan Clothing

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