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Thirty Years of Rohan Bags

It’s good to learn that the new Rohan Bags colours are doing well  – keep the feedback coming please.  This great Rohan Bags story and picture has just come into Rohantime from Denis a long time Rohan Bags fan. Thank you Denis.

My very first purchase from Rohan was an ‘original’ Grey pair of bags in 1986, and it was a sad day when they eventually wore out. So when I recently received the information about the new ‘Bags’ colours, I was very pleased to purchase a new Heritage Grey pair. In the mail shot, I was also interested to learn that bags have been around for over 30 years, and that some enthusiasts own six or seven pairs. Well if you see the attached photo, you may wish to revise this figure for any future marketing.

The photo shows my current wardrobe of Rohan Bags, which I still wear, shown in the approximate order of purchase from the left; starting with an ‘original’ Original Grey pair of ‘Warm’ Bags (my second purchase from Rohan). They were bought in the winter of 1986, and are still wearing OK.

I got a little ‘Bags crazy’ over the years, and my first pair of carbon bags wore out some years back, but there are still three pairs currently in use, plus the carbon ‘winter’ bags (circa 1989 for a skiing trip) still around and in good nick!

Later I bought a pair of short bags, but the legs aren’t sexy enough and I decided to keep such exposure to a minimum; continuing the line-up to a Clay pair and finally the new Original Grey pair.

So with four unseen pairs just a memory the first ‘original’ Grey pair; a carbon pair; a cream pair (a bit see through when wet); and a fern green pair; together with the current line-up of thirteen strong, that’s my bag story so far!

Don’t even get me started on all the other Rohan gear I have, I’m sad enough as it is!

Denis Pounds (I suppose a bit of an enthusiast)

Rohan Heritage

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