TransAm Rally Kit List

We are taking part in the Trans-Am car rally in May. Organised by the Endurance rally association. We will be driving from New York to Alaska in our 1967 MGBGT, starting on May 8th and finishing on June 9th.

The car left in early April. It takes 6 weeks for the car to get there. We then leave on the 6th May to join the car in USA.

We are also keen walkers and have been using Rohan kit for many years.
With the Rally we will only be allowed to take the minimum amount of clothing, it needs to be functional and light.
So far we have decided on the following TransAm kit list with the help from Rohan Stow
Rohan Outer Flame Jackets great if we break down in a remote area.
Rohan Trailblazer Trousers each, great secure pockets
Rohan Stowaway tops
Stuff sacs  from the Rohan Packing System to put everything in, again to save space,

“We’ll be kitted out in Rohan throughout the event” Sheila Wright

We are very limited for space so all our clothing has to be minimal. We won’t have time to use laundry facilities at the hotels, so we’ll be washing things out in the hotel room, hand wringing them then hanging in the bathroom to dry overnight, so I did a trial run at home, I washed the Trailblazer trousers and Stowaway tops, hung them in the bathroom, (not over radiators) and they were dry in the morning, the only bit that wasn’t was the belt on the trousers, but I’ll leave that off.

I have done a trial pack. I have a Pack Cell 20, which took the Super flame jacket, 1 pair of Trailblazer trousers, 2 Stowaway tops +4 base layers and underwear, Everything went in the pack, and with a bit of room to spare! That is pretty much all we’ll be taking (each) to last the whole month, but at least I know we can wash then through and have clean clothes each day and look presentable, nothing needed ironing. So very impressed, the pack size was 17 inches long and total weight was 2.5 Kilo’s

We’ll let you know how the clothing fared, as we have long driving days and need to be comfortable.

Terry & Sheila Wright with their 1967 MGBGT 



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