All You Need Is Glove

Glove Love
Question: When you have lost a glove or mitten what do you do with the one you still have?

Answer: You could send your lonely glove or mitten to a London based not-for-profit service-group called Green Thing who inspire people to lead a greener life.

Green Thing, through its “Glove Love” project, accepts donations of single gloves and mittens; cleans them; pairs them with other unattached gloves/mittens; then sells the mismatched pairs to raise funds for its green-awareness activities.

To buy a newly matched pair of gloves or mittens

To donate your single lonely glove or mitten

Other mitten or glove reuse ideas? Please use the comment box below

Then there are socks what happens to the one sock after the wash where do all the other socks go?

Rohan Heritage

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