28th year using Rohan Bags

Buenos Aires

These bags are really thought out aren’t they?

I’m in Buenos Aires on my way to Asuncion(Paraguay). I’ve decided to stay overnight to recover from jet lag. So I am not at my brightest.

Bs As in Dec to Feb seems to have more US/Canadian/Uk visitors than Argentinos. I’m a at a pedestrian crossing waiting for the lights to change when a young man comes along side. He starts to chat with me in faultless english. I really don’t want to know so reply in spanish. Doesn’t put him off he then replies talking about the local football team, Boca Juniors. Lights change and he kindly helps this old man across the road. He is very tactile & chatty.

It takes me quite a few seconds to realise he is picking my pocket or trying to. He had got his hand in un noticed but the money was in the zipped part so all he could get was a handkerchief. Trying to get the zip open on his second attempt meant his hand was in a “sensitive area” for us men. I just grabbed his hand & laughed. He could have been violent I suppose but he accepted defeat gracefully with a “hasta luego” and walked off.

This in my 28th year(?) using Rohan Bags and I still find new things! – Pombero

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