Newest and Oldest Outdoor Gear?

oldest and newest gear

What’s Your Newest and Oldest Outdoor Gear?

I was asked this question last week.

I had to think about the answer for a while.

Newest: Easy some Nikwax Cotton Proof  for my Rohan Pampas. Modest I know but invaluable to refurbish some of my older kit.

Oldest: Now that’s something I really had to think about. In constant use a Rohan Olfio Mark 1 used everyday to walk the dog (circa 1981) and a pair of Rohan Dryline Tracksuit bottoms in red (circa 1987). See photo in The Guardian last week

Not in constant use a Rohan Tundra made from Ventile circa 1979.  See photo on Rohan Gallery

How about you? What your newest and oldest outdoor gear?

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