Oldest and Newest Outdoor Gear?

oldest and newest gear

What’s Your Newest and Oldest Outdoor Gear?

I was asked this question last week.

I had to think about the answer for a while.

Newest: Easy some Nikwax Cotton Proof for my vintage Rohan Pampas.

Modest I know but invaluable to refurbish some older kit.

Oldest: Now that’s something I really had to think about. In constant use a Rohan Olfio Mark 1 used most days (circa 1981) and a pair of Rohan Dryline Tracksuit bottoms in red, circa 1986.

See photo in The Guardian –

The world’s best walks – by the experts  Top photo red trousers that’s them.

Not in constant use a Rohan Tundra made from Ventile circa 1979.  See photo on Rohan Gallery

How about you?

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  1. Paramo winter waterproof jacket and over trousers. Purchased 1982, still going strong.

  2. Two Rohan Pampas 1980’s purchased at a Regional Show in Plymouth.
    One in Lovat & one in Blue/Red.
    Still in constant use

  3. Mike Bracknell says:

    Still using my inherited Trangia stove bought post WWII.

    Just treated myself to a new pair of Bags in carbon that’s pair number six

  4. Galadriel says:

    Worn most days Pampas with back pocket like the one in this photo top left.

    Newest kit White box alcohol stove and Feathercraft Kurrent

  5. Team Rohan Woodbridge says:

    I still have and use an East German manufactured rucksack with an external, steel frame, bought in 1969 to go to Cub Camp. It only does day walks now but apart from some cracking on the leatherwork and re-welding of the frame it is pretty much as good new even if it doesn’t look it.

    Like Peter my newest acquisition is the Stretch Bags

  6. James Dwyer says:

    Oldest used everday Helly Hansen Field Jacket forest green fibre pile circa 1980.

    Newest titanium chopsticks birthday present to go with my Snow Peak bowl.

  7. Peter Clinch says:

    Oldest in use is an ME Thermofleece Jacket I use for gardening these days, bought ’85. Oldest still on front-line duty would be my Trangia, a 21st present from my brother in ’87.

    Newest… if you include 2nd hand “new to me” that would be a Buffalo Special 6 Shirt scored off eBay yesterday, but new-new, my Stretch Bags. And I bought my wife some (hopefully) tick-repelling socks in the summer sale.

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