Tim’s Amazing Trip – Rohan Trek Iceland 15th to 22nd Aug 2009

Rohan Trek Iceland 15th to 22nd August 2009

Well we’re back! – An amazing trip.
An amazing group. A great bunch of people to travel with through this outstanding place.
An amazing country. Steam vents, glaciers, mineral rich colours, hillsides covered in shattered obsidian, petrified trolls (apparently), basalt “deserts” (lashed by rain and wind), churning torrents, fording swift rivers, scrambling onto windswept ridges, hut havens at night as the windows fog up and supper cooks.
Quite an adventure.
We’ll be posting up some pictures and more trip info soon. Including when to go, what it’s like, what to take.

You should have been there – not just us lucky few.
Maybe next time.

Tim Jasper

More photo’s of the trip

Rohan Heritage

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