Where are you headed in 2012?

Bodkin Tent at Crafty Camping in Dorset on Rohantime

Where are you headed this year?

Every year, when the holiday season comes around, you can find yourself faced with a terrible abundance of choice. Well, it’s a shame to muddy the water even more (unless you’re a pig) but here’s a look at some of the things that might be vying for your hard earned time off in 2012:

Feed the outdoorsman in youCrafty Camping in Dorset

This place is a great mix of peaceful woodland retreat with a dash of comfort from its plush yurts and bell tents. But the real draw is the chance to pick up some green woodworking skills. Whittle a totem pole, carve a chair or learn to turn a pole lathe! There aren’t many weekends away where you can come back with your own Totem pole now are there? There is a range of tents and yurts in the woodland, with some really fun communal spaces (a sauna yurt!) from £70 a night.

Crafty Camping

Wild swimming goes globalCampo del Moro in Spain

In 2011 there was much fuss made of leaping in out of Britain’s waterways, lakes and coastal nooks. Who can forget, much as they may try, Robson Green’s Wild Swimming series? Here’s a chance to burst the banks of your aquatic experience. Campo del Moro, near Trujillo in central Spain, is a relaxed collection of tents inspired, as the name suggests by the nomadic Moors. The tents are available from £80 a night and as well as the pool to take a dip in, you’ve great hiking, bouldering and when you’re too tired for any more activity, some World Heritage sites on your doorstep.

Campo del Moro

Be like the birdsKingfisher Camp in Herefordshire

OK, so you won’t learn to fly, but you could learn to fly fish. This camp (from £75 a night) at the foot of the Black Mountains has a lovely bowtop wagon for sleeping in and the aptly named fisherman’s hut, which is your kitchen and lounge. As well as the prospect of luring your dinner out of the river, you also get to test your wilderness skills (in the loosest sense of the word “wilderness” perhaps) by chopping wood, setting the fire and even braving the outdoor shower.

Kingfisher Camp

All of these places are available to book at Canopy & Stars, a collection of hand-picked glamping locations.

Rohan Heritage

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