Rohan Pinnacle Review

rohan pinnacle jacket

Rohan Pinnacle Jacket

The new state-of-the-science in mountain waterproofs.

This evolution of our Pinnacle Jacket is stronger and even more abrasion resistant than our ground breaking and hugely well-received Version 1.0.

Incredibly, it’s also softer and more comfortable to wear.

It represents the current ‘state-of-the-science’ for rugged, all-mountain shells.

Intended to be a hard wearing, workhorse jacket for keen outdoor enthusiasts and mountain professionals, the design of the Pinnacle Jacket v2.0 takes advantage of the most recent innovations in fabric technology and garment construction to ramp up the durability and shave the overall weight of the jacket – by almost 10%. Read more on Rohan Pinnacle Series

 Rohan Pinnacle Review in Men’s Fitness December 2011


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