Extreme Minimalism?

Extreme Minimalist

Living with only 15 items

A recent article caught my attention entitled Extreme Minimalism.

Written by Andrew Hyde who in his own words lives on the road.

In August of 2010 he sold everything he owned and currently owns only 15 things as an expression of minimalism.

This is a link to his most read blog post.

 Andrew’s list published May 2011.

1. Arc’teryx Miura 30 backpack

2. NAU shirt

3. Mammut rain jacket

4. Arc’teryx tshirt

5. Patagonia running shorts

6. Quick Dry towel

7. NAU wool jacket

8. Toiletry kit

9. Smith sunglasses

10. Wallet

11. MacBook Air

12. iPhone 3GS

13. NAU dress shirt

14. Patagonia jeans

15. Running shoes

By his own admission there are a couple of things not on the list – like socks and underwear which can easily be replaced and have no resale value. Extra headphones not listed  (he will give those away soon) as well as cables, business cards and knickknacks (like a small lock for when he goes to the gym).

I expect you can guess what comes next…

What would be on your list?

15 items only please.

If you decide to explore Extreme Minimalism for yourself start with de-cluttering your used outdoor gear, consider using ROG to make your unwanted outdoor gear available to others.


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