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Rohan day in the Life

Thank you to everyone who has already told me what they are going to be doing and filming this Sunday. I have no idea whether you are doing these things to stage a video or genuinely doing these things. Being Rohan fans I suspect everyone was planning their various outings anyway.

So far I know we will be getting film of

People reading newspapers
Climbing at the Big rock climbing wall in Milton Keynes
Mountain Biking
Camping in a campervan
Walking Dogs
Playing with their children
Walking the fells
Eating Sunday dinner

And much much more…

At this stage I am excited by the prospect of seeing and creating snapshot of what we all do but equally nervous about the sheer volume of content I will receive.

Thank you in advance for your involvement in this project, the volume of quantity received will impact on how quickly myself & Richard Morrison (Rohan Area Manager) get this video edited, but we will make sure that it is ready to show by 20th February at the very latest.

For me, Scrappy Nelson will be getting his first proper walk as he is now fully inoculated, we will be in the Woburn Trails looking for Deer. If you are there, come and say hello. I’ll be the one dressed head to toe in Rohan clothing shouting at a very out of control and excitable puppy.


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