Rohan life in a day

Rohan life in a day.

Can I have your help please!
On the 8th January 1972 Sarah & Paul Howcroft started designing the first ever Rohan Garment, a pair of Mountain Salopettes. That was effectively the start of the company and brand we all now love.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of that occasion I would like to make a video recording what all of us Rohan fans are doing on Sunday 8th January 2012.

To achieve this I would like as many people as possible to take a small selection of video clips and photo’s of whatever you are doing on that day and send them to me. By anything, I mean ANYTHING. Whether you are at work, at play, at home, cycling, climbing, walking your dog, on holiday, watching TV, at a match, in the pub, cooking dinner, with people, alone.. etc etc, just send me some random snapshots, throughout the day, of what you are doing.

For video, maximum 30 seconds long please, the best videos have sound, especially in the form of talking. Talking on the video could be

1. Narrating what you are filming from behind the camera
2. Talking into the camera
3. Recording others talking

What format?
Ideally the videos / Photo’s are taking on an iPhone or other smart phone because you can simply take them and email / SMS them straight away. If that’s not possible then use anything you like and I will get them converted to the correct format here.

Email them please or SMS to or 07713 310 629

The finished product
My goal is to take the photo’s and video I receive and edit them, in time order, into a short film documenting the antics and activities Rohan fans participate in throughout the day. If it works, I will publish the video on the Rohan You Tube site as a record of this anniversary. (I am working on the assumption that by sending me photo’s and videos you are giving me permission to publish them.)

I am hopeful that I will get loads of videos and photo’s. It would help me greatly if you would put the time of the photo / video in the email header, that way they can be processed in their time slots.

Thank you
I am really excited about this project and hope it could turn into a lot of fun. It has the potential to be a great opportunity for us to recognise a huge milestone in Rohan history and to create something memorable and fun. The more content you send, the better it will be.

Fingers crossed
Remember, I am an enthusiastic amateur at making videos and NOT a professional video editor. This will be fun first, interesting second and slick & tidy 3rd 4th or even 5th.

Many thanks
Ian Palmer
Rohan Retail Director

Rohan Heritage

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